Qurbaan Hua 17 November 2020 Written Update : Alekh played a game

At the beginning of the episode, Neel came out from bathing and found a note on the bed in which it was written that Chahat has covered all the mirrors and told her to wear that Kurta, which was kept on the bed. Chahat was lying unconscious inside the mud utensil. Jamunaparshad called Neel to come as guests started arriving.

Godgambhari came to Alekh and ask her about the donation amount which Vyas Ji is doing today. Alekh told her that Vyas Ji is donating all the temple funds for the last ten years. Godhmbhari silently went near the gold coins and tried to steal, but Alekh caught her and told her not to do such things as Vyas Ji is coming.

Alekh said he is planning something big for them, and she is doing such cheap things. Vyas Ji came, and everyone started chanting God’s name. Panditji started pouring gold coins into the mud utensil, where Chahat was lying unconscious. Bhopu was trying to convince Neel to join the occasion, but he was unwilling to come with his burnt face. Bhopu came to Vyas Ji and told him that Neel is not willing to come.

Vyas Ji said that there is only one person who can motivate Neel to come here. Alekh came to Vyas Ji and told him to start the occasion. Vyas Ji instructed Jamunap to pour water inside the mud utensil and. Purify all the coins. Neel peeped from the terrace and saw Chahat was floating inside the big utensil and ran outside to save her.

Neel came outside and shouted not to pour water anymore, pushed everyone, jumped into the utensil, and brought her out. Everyone was surprised to see her. Neel waked Chahat and asked her how come she went inside this. Chahat acknowledges everyone that she was trying to save a small puppy in at that moment, she fell and fainted. Vyas Ji praised both of them caring nature. Suddenly a woman gets scared after seeing Neel’s face, and within a few moments, everyone started a discussion about his face. Neel ran inside, and Chahat went after her. Neel started acting madly and telling Chahat to go away.

Chahat calmed him and said that she would make her alright again. Neel was scared of going outside again. But Chahat gave him motivation and took with her. And replied to everyone who was taunting him.

Chahat told everyone that Neel had given her a new life by risking his life. Chahat said she is too lucky to have such a husband who is more precious than gold. Suddenly a villager saw that gold coins are artificial and coins are discoloring. All started taunting Vyas Ji and went off. Vyas Ji scolded Neel as it was his responsibility to arrange the coins. Vyas Ji was very upset about this.

Episodes end

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