kumkum bhagya 16 November 2020 Written Update : Dadi gave a gift to Prachi

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi tells Pragya to settle down. Pragya was thinking about Rhea while Dadi notices that Abhi was secretly watching and change her plan of giving a ring to Pragya and ask Abhi that what he is doing here? Abhi enters the room, and both of them feel occurred for a while. Both of them recall their past conversation started prase Pragya and asked her how she would react if he tells her that he feels happy after seeing her.

Pragya tells her she will also feel the same. Abhi makes Pragya jealous by telling her that Meera was telling him that he is looking handsome today. Pragya tells him that she has much free time to speak such nonsense. Abhi told Pragya that he is only bothered about his feelings. Ranbir and Prachi come to a room, and Ranbir gives her a surprise by making a new name by using their names.

Prachi felt shy about this and ran away from there. Abhi complains to Pragya for fighting with him every time. Pragya says that she just wanted everything to be settled down between Prachi and Rhea than we can disclose the truth. And Pragya feels proud of Abhi for being the best father. Abhi felt happy and said that everything went on puzzling; he wanted to become a good man, but things went worst.

Pragya praised him by telling him that he is the best father and gave them new life and hugs him, and Dadi feels happiest for them. Beeji is unwell and taken medicine. Pallavi predicted that Beeji is in tension because of Ranbir, but Beeji said because of Engagement on the same day as Dushera.

Beeji was relaxed as Prachi, and her family were not present at the party. Shahana was asking for Prachi and Pragya. Prachi refuses to wear the ring all time as anyone can notice. Ranbir assured him that he would disclose everything soon, and suddenly Rhea entered the room, and Prachi hides.

Then get off from there after receiving a call. Abhi and Pragya went to Dadi and saw the ring, Which she wanted to give to Pragya. Pragya said, anyhow, the ring came to me after so long. Then Abhi and Dadi hugs all together and felt happy.

Episode end

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