Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update, Akshay seeing Prachi coming downstairs with Priya and turning to another side. Ashok comes there. Prachi talks to Ashok. Akshay collides with Priya and his phone falls on the floor. He apologises to her. Prachi taps Akshay’s shoulder. Akshay turns and he is about to fall down. Prachi holds Akshay’s hand to save him from falling down. Ashok sees them and thinks Prachi is the correct partner for Akshay. Prachi gives his phone to him. Akshay says sorry, my mind is not in one place. Prachi advises him to do meditation and says she is saying it with experience. Akshay asks what experience. Prachi lost.

Akshay says no need to tell me. While leaving he thinks Prachi has some issues in the past that she doesn’t want to share with anyone. Prachi thinks about how she lost herself when she lost Ranbir and how Meditation helped her to concentrate on work. She thinks she still misses Ranbir and his memories are paining her. Akshay joins Ashok and they go to drink coffee.

On the way, Ranbir thinks he is always misunderstanding Akshay and is glad he loves Priya, not Prachi. He feels happy to get the project based on his talents. He misses Panchi and decides to share his happiness with Khushi taking Vadapav. He stops the car and buys Vadapav and pastry for Khushi.

Dadi on the call tells Ashok that she is outside and where is he. Ashok comes there and meets her. Dadi asks which he wants to talk about. Ashok says they need Prachi at their house and asks her to make Prachi get married to Akshay. Dadi says Prachi loves someone else that’s why she is scared to love anyone Ashok says Akshay is best and tells Dadi that very soon Prachi will like Akshay. Prachi returns home in the car. Ashok asks Dadi to save him as he got caught. Prachi asks Ashok to come inside. Ashok says he will come later and leaves asking Dadi to take care of Prachi. Prachi asks what they are talking about. Dadi says nothing and comes inside as I need to tell you something. Prachi asks what’s it. Dasi says it’s about Ranbir. Prachi looks on.

Khushi sells flowers covering her face with a scarf. Ranbir comes to her and shows her the vada pav and pastry he bought for her. Khushi stays silent. Ranbir says today he is so happy and reveals to her that he got a good project. He holds her face which pains her. Ranbir asks what happened to her. He removes the scarf and notices marks on her hands and face. Ranbir asks who hit her.

Prachi and Dadi go inside. Prachi asks her what she wants to say. Dadi says she met Ranbir’s family in the temple. Shahana comes there. Dadi and Shahana tell Prachi that Ranbir’s family wants to adopt Khushi and take her home. Prachi says she knows it but she doesn’t tell them as it makes them feel stressed. Shahana asks when she gets to know. Prachi says she gets to know when she met Khushi. Shahana asks what she’s going to do. Prachi says she is my daughter and she will stay with me. Dadi smiles and says she accepted Khushi with her heart. Prachi says yes, I will get Khushi.

Ranbir asks who hit her. Khushi says she falls down and says she has to go to sell flowers in the signal. She tries to leave but Ranbir stops her and buys all her flowers and questions her to tell him who slapped her in tears. Khushi asks why he is crying. Ranbir says her pain makes him feel sad. He says I know that you didn’t fall and someone slapped you so tell me the truth and do you want me to cry more. Khushi says no and hugs him in tears. Ranbir says you’re special, I lost my daughter and you came to my life as my daughter and I will take care of you for a life time.

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