Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update, Laali dragging Khushi aside from Ranbir. Balveer and her friends attack Ranbir. Khushi asks them to leave Ranbir but they didn’t listen to her. Khushi escapes from Laali and true to help Ranbir by beating Balveer and his friends with the plate. Laali ousts Khushi from the house. Khushi asks the neighbor lady to call the police. A neighbor lady calls the police. Khushi takes the phone and complaints to the police. Khushi returns home and asks them to leave Ranbir as the police coming. Laali asks Balveer to beat Ranbir but doesn’t kill him. Balveer says her won’t leave Ranbir and hits him. Khuhi takes her phone and places the police siren. Balveer friends leave from there.

Ranbir beats Balveer badly. Laali requests him to leave Balveer. Ranbir demands Balveer has to apologize to Khushi. Laali asks Balveer to do it. Balveer sits on his knees. Balveer friends come there and tell them there are no police. Laali goes out and notices Khushi played the Police siren on phone. She asks Khushi why she did it. Balveer and his friend try to attack Ranbir but Ranbir pushes him. Police come there and arrest them. Khushi tells Police that Ranbir is innocent. Inspector says they will leave him once his innocence is proven. Khushi cries. Ranbir asks Khushi to not cry and tells her that he will get released after filing a complaint against Balveer. He promises her to return soon. The police take them away. Laali thinks about how to save Balveer and his friends. She leaves the police station hiring an auto.

Khushi calls Prachi. Prachi hears Khushi crying and asks her why she is crying. Khushi reveals to her the issue that happened between Ranbir and Laali’s boyfriend. She requests Prachi to save her Shiv and tells her that she is going to the Police station. Prachi agrees. Khushi goes to the station with a neighbor lady. Dadi asks Prachi what happened. Prachi says Ranbir had an issue with Laali’s girlfriend and police have arrested Ranbir so I need to go to the Station. Dadi asks Prachi to not go there as I can’t see you go through the pain again. She asks Shahana to close the door. Prachi comes out of her imagination and lies to Dadi that she is going to the office for important work. Shahana thinks that Prachi might have lied to Dadi.

Ranbir tries to explain to the inspector but the inspector doesn’t listen to him. Ranbir says to the inspector that he was defending from them. The inspector says to Ranbir that he could have called them. Ranbir comments on what the Inspector said. Balveer sees Laali coming to the police station and Balveer signals her to hide.

Balveer comes to Laali and tells to Laali that to save him they have to turn the table on Ranbir. Balveer asks Laali to go and complain to the police that Ranbir was hitting Khushi and he and his friends stopped Ranbir. Laali reminds Balveer that Khushi will not testify against Ranbir. Balveer asks Laali to remind Khushi of the torture she used to give her. Laali agrees and asks Balveer for some time.

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