Kundali bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Sherlyn asks everyone to stop fighting. She threatens that she will shoot them if anyone moved then. She asks Luthras to give the jewels to her. Rakhi refuses to give her jewels. Kavya comes there. Sherlyn tries to hold Kavya. Rishabh holds Kavya. Sherlyn drags Kavya with her. He asks Sherlyn to not harm Kavya. She tells him that she wants Kavya’s necklace. Rakhi says that they can take jewels from her room. She pleads them to not harm Kavya. Sherlyn tells her that she stole jewels from the latter’s room already.

Arjun tells Preeta and Dadi to stay in the room and leaves from there. Preeta asks Dadi to stay there and leaves the room. He is about to attack Preeta assuming her as goon. He stops seeing her. She tells him that she is going downstairs. He tells her that many goons are there. She asks him to not underestimate her.

Kavya refuses to give her necklace to Sherlyn. She adds that, that is her favorite necklace. Rakhi asks Sherlyn to leave Kavya. Kavya bites Sherlyn’s hand and runs from there. Prithvi lift Kavya up. Rishabh asks him to not harm Kavya. Preeta sees Kavya. She asks Prithvi to drop Kavya down and runs towards downstairs. Arjun gets shocked seeing that. Anjali tells him that she is ready to attack goons. She shows the knife to him.

Preeta pleads Prithvi to not harm Kavya. Sherlyn thinks that she want to see Prithvi still has feelings for Preeta or not. Prithvi gives Kavya to Preeta. Sherlyn gets shocked seeing that. Prithvi realises that what he did.

Arjun wonders that why Prithvi gave Kavya to Preeta easily. Prithvi drags Kavya and holds knife near her neck. Arjun runs downstairs with decorative piece. He throws decorative piece at Prithvi. He beat him up. Rishabh also beat Prithvi up. Luthras starts beating goons. Prithvi thinks that he can’t let his plan fail, at any cost. He takes gun. He threatens them to not move. Luthras goes upstairs.

Anjali drags Arjun into the room. She asks him that why he beat goons up. He asks her that if she wanted him to hide from goons. She tells him that she cares about him. She says that he is not able to control his emotions. He tells her that he is like this only. She tells him that he became mad for Preeta. He tells her that he did not forget anything. He says that he fought with goons for his family. He adds that he will thank goons for ruining Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage anniversary party and leaves from there.

Rishabh tells his family to not leave the room. He says that he will handle goons. Mahesh stops him. Rakhi slaps Rishabh. She cries hugging him. She asks him to not go anywhere. She says that she lost Karan and she can’t lose Rishabh. She adds that she will die if anything happened to Rishabh then. Arjun overhears their conversation. He tells Rakhi that he won’t let anything happen to Rishabh like he promised to her. He tells Kavya to not get scared.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that they have to escape because Luthras called Police. Prithvi tells her that he won’t go anywhere without achieving his goal. He plans to take Preeta as hostage. Vishnu tells Raja that they should announce that Arjun hired them to kill Rishabh.

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