Kundali bhagya 20 November 2020 Written Update : Mahira taunts preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Rishabh asks Karan what is happening. Karan says nothing. He asks how is Preeta. Karan says she has changed. Rishabh offers to call the doctor. Karan says that it is not needed because she is fine, it just that she is a little silent which he likes very much. Probably because she is hungry, Sameer says this is good then he should starve Preeta so that there is no fight. Karan says, but he doesn’t like such Preeta. Rishabh says maybe it is love. Karan denies this and leaves.

Sameer says he finds love for Preeta in Karan’s eyes. Rishabh says he also sees Ego in his nose. And he will never accept this thing quickly. Sameer gets a call from someone. Hearing his funny ringtone, Rishabh asks him to change the ring. There Bani and Kareena curse Mahira for having a false vow. Mahira says she was not eating herself and was feeding Sherlyn as she had not eaten anything. Bani apologizes for misunderstanding her. Kareena also apologizes and says she is a lovely girl and thanks for taking care of Sherlyn. They leave from there. Mahira and Sherlyn laugh.

Bani and Kareena further ask Rishabh how he is feeling. Because he is going to be a father very soon, they realize that Rishabh is nervous and compares him to his father Mahesh because he was also nervous. Then Karan informs them that Rakhi is also fasting. Bani says that perhaps she thinks Mahesh will be cured by keeping the fast. Girls fall in front of them. Karan and Rishabh take care of him, and Bani and Kareena leave from there.

Kritika calls Karan and Rishabh to worship Karvachauth. Everyone is involved in worship. Bani calls Preeta. Kareena says why she is giving so much love to Preeta. Bani says that because Preeta is doing so much despite getting ill, so as a human being, she is taking care of her.

Mahira comes and tells everyone that she is Karan’s wife. Preeta feels terrible to hear this. Her stomach ache increases. Bani is worried about her. Preeta leaves from there so that she can hide her pain. Mahira comes and taunts her. She teases Preeta by saying that she called herself Karan’s wife and everyone accepted her. She adds if she is sad, She says that she should feel sad because this pain is writing in her life by her and she will write until she sees her.

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