Qurbaan Hua 20 November 2020 Written Update : Neel came across Gazala

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat advised Neel not to open the bandages. Neel was on doubt that her paste would work or not. Vyas was also setting up a prayer for Neel. Chahat was praying to God for Neel, suddenly Neel came inside the room and said his face is burning from inside, and he felt like his face is becoming more injurious.

Chahat stopped him from opening the bandage and hugged him. Chahat secretly cut his bandage and gave a shocking reaction seeing Chahat’s reaction Neel thought that his face becomes more ugly. Chahat took Neel in front of the mirror and request him to have a look. After seeing his face, Neel felt happy and hugged Chahat.

Chahat was wondering how she got that flower in the offseason. And thanked that couple who loved each other with such our heart that flower appeared in the offseason Chahat was thinking about how they feel the love for each other.

The driver came to Gazala and informed her that Dr Biagh is fine at the Ashram. Gazala ignored that and was thinking that if Neel died, then what Chahat is doing at Vyas Ji house. Gazala thought Chahat would be a danger for her, so they have to kill her as soon as possible. Gazala instructed the driver to find a man who will kill Chahat for her.

Neel found himself different, but Chahat said the event is the same; it’s his confusion. Chahat took Neel to Vyas Ji and surprised him with Neel. Vyas Ji gets surprised and got emotional Vyas Ji loudly called Jamunaparshad, and everyone gathered and praised Neel.

Alekh came with a white cloth on his face, and Vyas Ji asked him about the wounds on his face. Then Alekh told God has punished him for what he has done to Neel. Alekh told Neel that he is very happy to see her back with his face.

Chahat was clicking Neel pics to portrait on walls, but Neel stopped her and made her sit to study. And went to the market for his work. Neel was returning after sharpening his knife and collided with Gazala, but she failed to recognize him and considered him as a goon by seeing the knife in his hand. Neel thought in his mind that he would not reveal his identity.

Gazala said to him by showing Chahat’s pic that he has to finish her. Neel thought of getting more information about the Steel factory incident and indirectly askes her about that. Gazala told that there is anyone else who is trying to kill her. Gazala gave her number and said to her to inform her.

Chahat tied bandages all around his body as an experiment. Neel started following her to snatch his phone back. Chahat and Neel romantically shared an eye.

Episode end

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