Kumkum bhagya 20 November 2020 Written Update : Abhi feels blessed

At the beginning of the episode, Alia is sad to see Riya and Pragya’s descendants. She goes in and starts throwing things. She screams and says that Pragya cannot snatch Prachi from her. Mitali comes and asks Alia what happened. She guesses that Pragya may have won. She says that she had threatened Pragya with Alia’s confidence that she could not come in the house, but what is the benefit Pragya returned and now she will make her a maid. Alia shouts at her. She leaves the room. Alia thinks about turning things around to beat Pragya.

Riya tells Pragya that she send Prachi to Abhi and stay with her so that their love will become balance. Grandma comes and says that they should stay together and shower love on each other. Riya agrees. Pragya says when Prachi comes to know that Riya is her sister, then she will love her very much. Riya says, but she is angry with Prachi. Pragya says very soon her displeasure will change.

Sahana stares at Ranbir. Sarita asks why she is staring Ranbir. Sahana tells her that because today when she invited Ranbir to come in, he did not come, but he come inside once Prachi asked. So she is angry. Sarita takes the side of Ranbir and says that what Ranbir did is right. Sahana gets irritated and says does Ranbir know how much Prachi used to curse him. Prachi overhears her and tells them that this is a lie. Sarita takes Sahana from there.

Dadi tells Abhi that Riya and Pragya’s displeasure has gone. Abhi is happy. He asks the waiter about Pragya and Riya. He tells him they are on the roof. Abhi goes to the terrace. There Ranbir asks Prachi why she used to call him Loafer and Casanova. Prachi says that because she did not know him at that time and now when she knows him, there is no such thing in her mind, Ranbir asks and what about car driving. Prachi speaks fast, but she is not afraid. She feels as if her destination is with her. Both are lost in each other’s eyes.

Prachi asks Ranbir why he didn’t come when Sahana called him. Ranbir asks her if she does not know. Prachi says she knows, but she wants to hear from his mouth. Ranbir says because he wanted to come only at her behest. Prachi gives tea to Ranbir. He drinks and says the tea is less sweet. Prachi checks and says sweetness is right. Ranbir says the tea turns sweet after she drinks it. There, Abhi feels happy to see Pragya and Riya together. Riya says they should burn firecrackers. Abhi asks Pragya; she is not scared of firecrackers? Then why she allows Riya? Pragya says for Riya she can do anything. Riya burns firecrackers and is happy.

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