Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19 November 2020 Written Update : Vihan save Riddhima

At the beginning of the episode, Ridhima remembers Kabir’s words. She gets so upset that she breaks the glass with a pot. She thinks because of her it happened, it’s all her fault. Kabir comes. He says now what Riddhima will do. He adds that poor Vansh die in love and she herself destroyed in love. He surrounds Riddhima with black powder and says that now Riddhima is trapped in his chakravyuh and will be helpless. So it would be good if she come in his favor. Because now she can neither do anything nor get out of this circle. And if she tried to do so, the blood would flow from that family. Riddhima asks Kabir not to do anything like this.

Kabir asks Riddhima if she thought why she is still alive. Even after knowing his truth. Because she loved him, which he valued. Also, she is now an orphan and a widow. So where else she can go. Kabir leaves from there. Riddhima feels as if Vansh is calling her. She looks through the window. She sees Vansh. She goes outside the house. But Vansh is not there. She thinks where Vansh went. She wonder if this her illusion. Later, she remembers Vansh words. She remembers that Vansh had told her that he will always protect her from problems. He also gave her his mother’s valuables things. She remembers the time she shared with Vansh and cries.

Riddhima comes to the temple. She tells God that they always supported her, then how did they take away Vansh from her and made her helpless. She says that Kabir has challenged her that even God cannot stop him from doing anything. She says this challenge is also for God and they will have to take part in this fight too. After a while Riddhima goes from the temple. Some goons notice Riddhima. And bother her. They asks her for her jewelry. Riddhima gives it to them. They asks for her mangalsutra. She refuses to give it to them. Goons is about to hit Riddhima with a knife. But Vihaan comes and saves Riddhima.

Vihaan turns towards Riddhima. Riddhima tries to see him. But due to the bright light of the sun, she is unable to see. Vihaan comes close to her. Riddhima is shocked to see his face. She faints and falls into Vihaan’s arms. Vihaan leaves her at her house and disappears himself. Dadi sees Riddhima unconscious. She tries to wake her up. Angre takes Riddhima to her room. After a while Riddhima wake up and she calls the name of Vansh. Chanchal says Vansh is not among them and she should accept it. Dadi asks Riddhima what happened. Riddhima is telling about Vansh but thinks that maybe it is her illusion, so she remains silent. She says she probably fainted due to the strong sunlight. Dadi asks her to take care of her. Riddhima nods her head in yes.

There Vihaan gives money to goons. The goon says he saved the girl but only left her outside the house. Vihaan says that he is like this. He tells them to leave from there. He adds that now the game will start.

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