Choti Sarrdaarni 19 November 2020 Written Update : Aditi left Vikram house

At the beginning of the episode, Aditi came to Sarabjeet’s house and knock on the door; everyone was shocked to see her. Harleen asked her why she has come here, then Aditi told her that she left Vikram’s house became he is Having an affair with about girl, and Aditi shows a piece of cloth that belong to that girl.

Harllen recognizes the cloth and says that this is of Meher. Suddenly Sara jay handles the situation by telling her that Meher also has the same cloth brand. Harleen was about to go with Aditi to talk with Vikram, but Sarabjeet stopped them and said that he had this situation.

Vikram’s mother called Aditi and askes, where she went. Aditi told her that she has come for some emergency work and then disconnected the call. Harlen asked why she did not tell her about the truth. Aditi replied that her health is not that much good. Then Sarabjeet asked Meher how her cloth went to Vikram, then she explained to her about the kidnapping incident.

Sarabjeet called Vikram and told him to come as he wanted to discuss Karan’s custody matter. Vikram said to him that he would be in front of him soon. Param came and saw tears in Meher’s eyes.

Harleen was shouting at Robbie for losing money, but Robbie lied to her and told their he hadn’t played any game and there are no dues on his head. Pathak has a deal with Robbie on behalf of his debts. Kulwant wore a modern dress and was walking on the road and came across a man commenting on her. She slapped him and took his bike keys, and went off. Amrita was in a car and talking to someone about the necklace, and Kulwant was following her.

Param asks Meher that when he starts speaking and tells him, he will record when Karan starts speaking. Suddenly Vikram came and was about to pick Karan, but Param came in front of her and told him not to disturb as he played with him. Sarabjeet told Param to go inside as he wants to talk about some important. Sarabjeet asked why he is troubling her sister to get Karan back. Sarabjeet told him it’s not fair to trouble his sister every time. Sarabjeet told Vikram that if he troubled his sister again and took a pause after that, Manav was asking again and again what?

Episode end

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