Barrister babu 19 November 2020 written update :Anirudh wants to meet Gandhi ji

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita is doing some house work. She recalls what Gandhi ji told her . Trilochan comes there and notic that Bondita is lost in her thoughts while doing house job. He ask her fouce on house works. Anirudh is thinking about Heera Mandi girls. Bondita disturb his thoughts and him about rights and justice. He asks who told you these things. Bondita says she went to the school and there she met Gandhi ji and he is one who teach her about rights and all. Anirudh ask if she meet Gandhi ji. She says yes. Anirudh is happy to know that Gandhi is in his village.

Bondita tells Anirudh that Gandhi ji bring courage to her. She says that she also want to fight for her rights and also want to go to schools. As there is different aroma. There our so many children and she want to get educated with them. Anirudh is shocked to hear her words. Anirudh likes her idea. He tells that because of Gandhi ji he got a new path. Bondita nods and laugh happily. Anirudh says that he too wants to meet Gandhi ji. He adds that he will take Bondita to the school which make her happy. Duo smiles.

In morning, Anirudh comes with Bondita. Bondita greets Trilochan and gets blessings. Anirudh tells Trilochan he is taking Bondita for school admission. Trilochan is shocked and against with it. He adds this wrong and he will never allow Bondita to study with guys in school. Trilochan and Binoy scold Anirudh.

Anirudh asks why can’t she go there, Gandhi ji also wanted this. Bondita nods. Anirudh tells them about Bondita and Gandhi ji’s meet. He asks if they wants to refuse Gandhi ji’s words. Trilochan says he also wants to join them to the way of school. Bondita asks if Trilochan wants to study with her. Trilochan says no and says he just want to join her as an elder. Anirudh smiles.

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