Shakti 19 November 2020 Written Update : Virat and Heer complete their marriage

At the beginning of the episode, Heer tells Virat that she feels bad that he is not supporting her but Preeto. She feeds him and remembers their old moments. And she asks him to take her to the temple.

Heer prepares like a bride and awakens Virat. He is shocked to see her like this and asks why she wore these clothes. Heer says that to go to the temple she also gives him clothes which Virat finds strange. Heer takes her with him.

Virat goes down and sees the pavilion. Heer tells him that they are about to get married. Virat says he won’t. Heer says he must decide today whether to go with Preeto’s terms or stay with her.

She says if he chooses Preeto, she will leave the house. Virat refuses to marry. Heer is preparing to go home and start packing her clothes. Virat stops her. Heer says that she cannot stay an incomplete marriage.

Heer starts to go and Virat wants to stop her. Virat wants to stop her. Sant ask him not to stop her. Heer is about to go. Virat calls Heer. Heer stops. He goes to her and is ready to complete the wedding.

Heer and Virat sit on the pavilion. Parmeet shows all in a video call to Preeto. Preeto wants to stop the marriage. She and Harak leave for Virat’s house. The marriage of Virat and Heer is completed. Preeto reaches there and gets shocked.

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