Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 November 2020 Written Update : Vansh meet with an accident

At the beginning of the episode, kairav was painting in his room, and Naira came with his favorite dish and saw Kairav had drawn a portrait showing distance between him and Naira. Naira showed and dropped the plate, and after that, she recognized it was just her imagination.

Vansh was trying to jump from the house’s first story, but Kairav stopped him; suddenly, someone called them downstairs. Vansh told Kairav that he is doing this challenge for him as he will go out of town. Gayu and Naira saw them and thought that they are fighting for something. Gayu told her she would ask Vansh about this afterward. All were feeling sad for Samarth shifting to Mumbai.

Samarth got an emergency call, and he went off. Naira and Kartik started praying. Naira was trying to talk with Kairav, but he was ignoring him. Suddenly Vansh escaped from there, and Kairav followed him too. Naira noticed and thought of going there and seeing them. House staff members removed all the mattresses from the floor, but Vansh did not notice as it was a little dark.

Vansh was recording himself, and Kairav ran towards him to stop, but Vansh jumped and fell to the ground. Naira was shocked to see Kairav, and she thought that Kairab had pushed him. All the family members were asking Kairav about the incident. Kartik at the hospital was asking Naira that what happed. Naira was a little shocked and thinking Kairav has pushed him. Kairav was scared, and suddenly Krishna came to him.

Vansh regained his consciousness, and Gayu went inside and started asking her about the incident, but Kartik stopped her. Kartik told Vansh that he is too strong and will get to recover soon. Naira thought that why Kairav did this with Vansh.

Episode end

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