Yeh Hain Chahtein 20 November 2020 Written Update : The return of Mahima!

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha was shocked to see Mahima and slowly move towards her. Yuvraj was peeping from the main gate. Preesha hugged Mahima and got emotional. Vashudha came and had a group hug. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Preesha told how she is alive as she died seven years back and how she came here.

Rudkraksh told he brought her here. Preesha asked Rudkraksh that he knows Mahima and how? Rukdkrash told Saransh and Ahana to stay out with him, and they went inside. Yuvraj felt angry about their movement as he was not able to see further scenes. Yuvraj felt happy too, as now a big scene will be created.

Preesha started asking Mahima that how she came across with Rudkraksh. Then Rudkraksh acknowledged how he came across with Mahima in Ooty, and there she got she is her big sister and girlfriend of his big brother. Rudkraksh told he came to the room and tried to wake her, but she did not wake up, so he immediately came here and forgot to leave a note for her.

Vashudha told that she also couldn’t believe it at the time. And explained her reaction when she saw her first time, and Rudkraksh said everyone that Saransh birth mother is Mahima and she is alive. Everyone was shocked to hear this.

Ahana objects and asked why she did not come before suddenly Saransh came downstairs asking about Preesha. Mahima opened her hand and hugged Mahima. An emotional moment for everyone. Ahana was feeling irritated with Miahska as she could not hear inside talks because Rudraksh has told her to take care of Saransh.

Ahana was angry, and suddenly her phone rang, and Yuvraj asked her about the inside scene. Suddenly Gps came and asked that why Vansidha called her urgently. Then Preesha showed her Mahima, and Gps got Shocked.

Episode end

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