Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 20 November 2020 Written Update : Virat had a weird nightmare

At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi brought tea for Ashwini, but she refused to take it and told Mohit to take it. She told Karishma to get tea for her. Bhavini was missing Virat and askes Ninad that he has informed him about Samrat.Ninad told Virat was already aware of this. Ashwini asked Pakhi that why she said Virat about her. Ninad interpreted and said Sunny had informed him not Pakhi. Shiwani was leaving and told that she would be late on returning. Sonali told Shiwami lied about Samrat’s situation.

Sonali said that as per the card, Samrat would never return. Sai opens her cupboard, thinking that she will indeed become a doctor. Sai joined her hand and said she is sorry for her mistakes in Kamal’s portrait. Sai told she would fulfill his dream.

Usha asked Sai that she has thanked Virat or not for the blood which he gave. Sai got Shocked and told that it would be better they left her dying. Usha told how Virat took her to the hospital and requested a doctor to save her. Sai thought for a while and again considered Virat as a murderer. Shiwani asked for the proof than Sonali said every one to ask Krishna for the truth. With little hesitation, Karishma told that Mansi picked a card in Which it was a mam hanging with the rope. Shiwani misguided them and went off from there.

Sai was running, and after her Virat was also running suddenly Sai fell into the river Virat was about to jump suddenly he heard Pakhi voice. From the other side, He saw Kamal, who was telling him to save her, and on another side, he was able to see his father, who was telling him to do his duty fairly. Virat went down to save Sai and pulled her out from the water, and hugged her. And suddenly Virat woke up and his nightmare broke. Virat was scared and sweating. Ashwini was feeding Mansi while she recalled Pakhi entered these houses with the wrong leg and started crying and blaming Pakhi for everything.

Ashwini calmed her, but she was sure of that unluck. Pakhi was standing and listening to all this. Ashwini said Samrat would return and requested her not to think such negative for Pakhi. Milind came to meet Virat and asked him to marry Sai and give her a new life. Virat told he is not going anywhere. He will complete his duty and will marry Sai.

Episode end

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