Anupamma 20 November 2020 Written Update : Rakhi wants to expose Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj calls Anupama and tells her that he has reached and asks her to say this to the family. Anupama tells him that it would be good if he keeps calling. Vanraj taunts her, saying that he is not a servant who listens to her. Anupama says that if Leela calls him, then the Gujarati language will be spoken in the ring, proving that he is not in Hyderabad. While Rakhi informs her friend Janaki about Vanraj, she will now teach him a lesson.

Samar sees that Anupama is making pickles. He goes to her and tells her that Nandni was saying and Vanraj and Kavya have gone to hang out together. Anupama says she knows. Samar asks her if she feels fine. And what if Hasmashuk and Leela find out the deeds of Vanraj.

Anupama says they will be very hurt and will not be able to accept it. Vanraj further scares Kavya by saying that Rakhi is here while he only shows a photo of her. Kavya is angry at his joke. Rakhi laughs because she is there. Kinjal informs Anupama that Rakhi has sent some messages to the family, which everyone made shocked after seeing.

Anupama goes to Leela, who tells her that Rakhi invites her to come to Vadodara and is also apologizing. Anupama finds the matter a mess, but she ignores her thoughts. Rakhi also calls Nandani there, but she refuses to go there. Kinjal and Samar try to persuade her to join them. Later Nandni agrees. On the other side, Rakhi is ready to surprise everyone.

Leela tells Anupama to tell Vanraj that they are going to Vadodara. Anupama says okay and types and sends the message for Vanraj, which Vanraj does not notice. Hansmukh and others prepare to go to Vadodara. Anupama wishes that all is well.

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