Shaadi Mubarak 20 November 2020 Written Update : Preeti wants to unite KT and Nandni

At the beginning of the episode, KT’s mother and aunt tell KT that his brother is coming. KT is happy to hear this and thinks about organizing a party. Then Arjun’s call comes, which tells him that Preeti was injured. KT leaves the house. Sneha feels that KT is worried a lot about Preeti. This thing stings Neelima. KT reaches the hotel and is shocked to see Preeti’s condition. Preeti says she is fine and can still work. KT forbids her to work and says he will take care of the project.

Arjun is happy. While Nandni is sad to see that KT is anxious about Preeti. KT asks Preeti to take leave from here and extends his hand towards Preeti. Preeti grabs his hand, seeing that Nandni gets angry and throws the pot. But then she picks it up so that no one feels awkward. She thinks that soon KT will belong to her and will not have to bear all this. KT brings Preeti home.

Juhi is shocked to see Preeti injured and makes turmeric milk for her. Preeti expresses that after listening to Nandni’s story, KT’s respect has increased in her heart. KT tells her to be in the professional realm and starts leaving. Amit tries to get close to Priyanka, but Priyanka stops him. Amit taunts her with Tarun. Priyanka tells him to go from there. A boy praises this act of Priyanka. Kusum comes home. She sees the injured Preeti. Gives her medicines. Preeti apologizes to her for the past mistake. Kusum forgives her.

Preeti sees an injury in her hand. She asks Kusum about it. Kusum tells her the whole thing and shows the photo of the woman. Preeti is stunned to see the image of Nandni. Priyanka tells the boy that he can go. And don’t bother her. The boy says he will not go. KT further tells Arjun that all are done now; they just need his father’s measurements. Arjun says that his father looks like him. KT stands still. Preeti tells Kusum about Nandani. She thinks they should make KT meet Nandini. Kusum disagrees. Preeti wants KT to get his answer from Nandani.

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