Kundali bhagya 21 November 2020 Written Update : Ramona’s plan work against Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Sherlyn asks Mahira where she is coming from. Mahira tells her that she had gone to make fun of Preeta and enjoyed doing so. Bani comes to take Rakhi. While Preeta comes, her stomach hurts. She tries to sit but falls unconscious. Everyone is shocked. They are worried about her. Karan takes her to the room. Sherlyn says now Preeta will have to drink or eat some food, and Ramona’s idea will work. And Preeta’s fast will be broken. Mahira is happy and says then Preeta will not claim that she is Karan’s wife.

Mahira says that with the help of Ramona, she will defeat Preeta. She regrets that she did not marry Karan due to Preeta. But now, she will do what Ramona suggests and will distance Preeta from Karan. She recalls how Ramona planned that she should put poison in the laddu of Preeta’s sargi and when Preeta stays empty stomach all day, the effect of poison will start, and she will not be able to complete the fast.

Sherlyn believes that now Ramona’s plan will break Preeta’s fast. She says that she thought that only Mahira is wise, but her mother goes further than that. And she fears that these people may even kill someone to execute their plan. Mahira says that Preeta will be defeated today because Preeta can escape or the wife inside her. If she breaks the vow, then a wife will die, and if she does not break, she will die herself.

Sarla is worried about Preeta. Srishti comforts her. Dr. checks Preeta and tells her that someone has added poison to her food. Everyone is standing stunned. Dr asks Preeta to eat something. Preeta refuses. Karan scolds her. Karan leaves from there. Rishabh says it would be better if Preeta eats something. Dr. asks them to get Preeta admitted. Preeta refuses. Dr. gives her medicines and asks her to rest.

Kareena tells Sherlyn and Mahira that Preeta is unwell. Mahira says that maybe even God does not want Preeta to keep fast for Karan because their marriage is fake. While Bani comes there and says that she is very worried about Preeta. Mahira brings food for Preeta. Preeta refuses to eat.

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