Qurbaan Hua 21 November 2020 Written Update : Neel saved Dr. Baigh from fire

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat showed the messages which Neel received, and he went to the factory. Chahat insisted him to call on that number and see who picks. Neel called on this number, and the manager of the Ashram picked and said, you have dialled a wrong number. The manager was feeding Dr. Baigh and telling him that he doesn’t know who his relatives left him here.

Chahat and Neel decided to visit Ashram and get to know the truth. Neel And Chahat came to Ashram, and there they started observing an old couple having a sweet fight with each other. Chahat’s started imagining herself and Neel as an old couple where she was eating her favorite chips, and Neel came and taunted her food.

Chahat hid Neel’s aspects in terms of hiding her chips packet. Suddenly, Chahat said it’s a lie, and we will not stay together as it is a fake marriage. Chahat and Neel shared an eye, and Chahat recalled her past moments.

Gazala said she has not enough money to maintain Dr. Biagh. Gazala told his driver that we would take Dr. Baigh in his unconscious condition. Neel said Chahat fo wait in the office and went for a round in the Ashram and suddenly came across with Gazlala.

Neel told that his driver has called him and to make her happy. Neel said that the whole Vyas Ji family is in a sad mood. Gazala told him to make a video while killing Chahat because she wants to enjoy her death. Gazala got a call from Godhmbhari and got to know that Neel is still alive, and Chahat helped him in getting his real face back, but it’s a little different from the previous one. Gazala saw Neel’s new face in Godhmbari up and got scared and knew that he is only Neel himself.

Parmukh was should on Kripa to shut her mouth. Naveli she might be scared from his dangerous face. Parmukh showed his hand to Naveli. Vyas Ji came and asked for Chahat, and then he called Chahat and requested her to come back home soon.

Chahat came to Neel and said that’s she is going home. Neel doubts that Gazala might have heard her name, and as soon as Neel turned, Gazlala escaped. Gazala called The driver and in the forest him about Neel and said him to kill Dr. Baigh so that it should look like an accident.

The driver sprinkled oil all around the room, fire up the whole room, and escaped from it, listening to the crowd. Neel came over there and saved Dr. Baigh when Neel removed the cloth from Dr. Baigh face and got in aggression.

Episode end

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