Kundali bhagya 8 December 2020 Written Update : Preeta find evidence against Mahira and Sherlyn

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta like Sarla’s handmade sheera. She tells Sarla that sheera is yum. Srishti tells Sarla made this sheera only for Preeta as she loves it. Sarla says she feels like Preeta come so she made her favorite sweet. Preeta feels happy and embraces her mother. Sarla feels sad as police can come soon to capture her. Preeta believes that she will never let happen anything like this. Sarla cries while Preeta calms her down.

Srishti is in deep sleep. Sarala asks Preeta to take care of her sister. Ahead, Rakhi comes to Karan and ask about Preeta. He says why she always asks about Preeta does she only cares about her. Rakhi says tell me where she is. Karan tells her that Preeta missed her mother a lot she even cries so he dropped Preeta there.

Rakhi says Preeta is a very good girl. She is perfect a daughter, bahu, and wife but they did wrong by misunderstood her. She says Preeta always fulfills her responsibility with honesty. Karan says but Rakhi always supports her. He adds that he is now very hungry.

Sherlyn hears their talk and leaves. There Janki gets emotional when she sees Preeta and Srishti with Sarla. Sarala notices her and asks what happened, why are you crying. Preeta thinks the police came. Janki says she gets emotional by seeing them together. She says she wants to prove Sherlyn wrong and for this, she can have all laddus in one go.

Sarala asks her not to so maybe she mixed some bad stuff in laddus accidentally. Preeta says Mahira poised laddu later so these laddus don’t have poison. But then notice laddu and tells everyone that she didn’t have these laddus. Sarala says maybe she ate Ramona’s handmade laddu. Everyone believes this point of hers but thinks then why Sherlyn ate these when she knows that she is pregnant. Preeta thinks maybe because at that time Dr was there also she only has half laddu.

Preeta says perhaps Mahira and Sherlyn still have Sarla’s handmade laddu. So she should search those laddus and once she gets them she will call Srishti and then they plot against Sherlyn and Mahira. Later Preeta finds laddus. While Mahira thinks Sherlyn is in her room so she asks for her towel. Preeta wants to put black color on Mahira’s face so she put some color on the towel and gives it to her.

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