Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7 December 2020 Written Update : Vihan shut Kabir’s mind game

At the beginning of the episode, Vihan is playing basketball. Riddhima comes there, she angrily asks Vihan why he accepts the challenge. Vihan even tells her that he doesn’t like basketball at all which makes Riddhima so damn angry. She asks him then why you ready to do this challenge when you don’t like basketball. She tells him that Vansh plays basketball very well. She asks him to choose her first as she knows how to play basketball.

Kabir comes and mocks Riddhima. He thinks now the truth of Vihan reveals soon. They then toss and toss wins Kabir. He chooses Riddhima. Riddhima feels now we can’t win and the truth will also come out soon. Vihan chose Angre. The basketball game starts.

Riddhima tries to play slowly so that Vihan can get some points. While Vihan didn’t understand her strategy and Kabir gets the first point. Later on, Vihan removes Aryan from his team as per rules instructions. Now only Riddhima is left. She sends Angre out.

Then Riddhima and Vihan play. Vihan touches Riddhima’s waist while playing. Riddhima recalls once Vansh also touched her waist like this. She thinks if he is Vansh but then says he can’t be Vansh as he only cares about money. She so lost in her thinking that she is about to fall but Vihan saves her. They start the game. Duo’s scores are the same.

Kabir thinks how can this man learn basketball game in one night. Aryan tells Kabir that Vansh can play with both hands. Kabir tricks by throwing a small ball. Vihan slips due to this. Dadi asks him not to play. Kabir says Vansh can play with both hands then why not. Vihan says he can play.

He plays and also wins. Ishani and Angre think only Vansh can do this it means he is Vansh. They hug him. Riddhima cares about Vihan’s hand. Vihan tells that he is not injured. Riddhima asks him how can he play just like Vansh. Vihan grabs Riddhima and tells her that he is Vansh. Riddhima stands still with moist eyes.

Vihan laughs and says he is just joking. But his single sentence makes Riddhima’s heartbeat so fast that even he can hear it. Vihan says that even Angre and Ishani have doubts about him. Riddhima tells but he passed and now even Kabir can’t do anything. Vihan tells Riddhima that maybe someone is checking on them. They have to be care full. He adds that he has an idea.

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