Shakti 7 December 2020 Written Update : Angel’s plan against Heer

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto comes home with a newlywed couple. Sindhu put Kalash filled with rice in front of Simran. Simran then hit the Kalash and us about to enter her new house. Shano thinks about Tejinder as whole wedding rituals are about to end and Tejinder did nothing. Preeto asks Shano how she feels if she is alright then why she is not welcoming the bride and groom.

There Dr checks Tejinder. Kinnar asks if she is fine. Dr says as for now, he can’t say anything. Kinnar thinks Tejinder can’t die, she has to survive. She asks Dr to treat Tejinder properly or else he will also die with this old lady. There Simran comes to her room. She notices a decorated room. She cries while recalling Arjun. She throws everything. After a while, Rohan comes. He notices the messy. He goes to Simran and tries to make her comfortable. But she shouts at him. Rohan stands still.

On the other side, Sant comes and tells his family that he and Daljeet can’t find Tejinder. There, Tejinder comes to her senses. She notices that she is tied with ropes. Kinnar introduces herself as Angel. Tejinder asks if they do all this to save Kinnar Heer. She insults Kinnar. Angel got angry and throws tea at Tejinder. She asks never to insult our Kinnar community.

Later she brings Tejinder home. Sant asks what happened to his sister. Angel tells that she met an accident and now she is unable to speak due to accident effects. Sant says thankyou and is about to give her money. She says no to money and asks for some work. Parmeet asks her to be the caretaker of Tejinder. Sant asks Heer to bring Angel and Tejinder to her room. Heer did the same. Later she brings some tea for Angel.

Angel mocking says that there is Kinnar who exactly looks like Heer. Heer gets angry and asks her to stay within her limits. She leaves the room. Ahead, Tejinder and Angel recall how they make a plan against Heer. They want to sell Heer and then they will share the money.

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