Namak Issk ka 7 December 2020 Written Update – Thakur forcibly made his engagement with Chamcham

At the beginning of the episode, a small boy and girl are playing in front of a ferry wheel. Suddenly a car stopped, and their fathers came to them. The boy told the girl to become his friend as their fathers are also good friends. They sat in the car and went off. The girl was a little scared because of overspending. To calm her, the boy gave her a key and kept the look with himself by saying that he has locked all her fear inside this.

They were about to shake their hands, Suddenly a truck hit the car and dragged it to the edge of the hill. And a lady pushed the car down the hill.

After 15 years, a car came and stooped in front of the temple, A lady came out with cloth tied to her eyes. The priest of the temple said they are the creator of this temple. Gunjan asked Sweety to hold her, but she said she holds her belief and started moving. A snake was moving towards Sweety Gunjan was about safe, but Priest said no one is allowed to come in between them. Suddenly Yug came running from the other side and picked the snake in his hand and placed it on the stairs of the temple. Then everyone joined their hand in front of the snake. Gunjan held Yug and said today I have all the right to hold you like this.

Chamcham was running, and many goons were following her. One of the goons threw a hook towards her and made her fall. Then she immediately stood up and escaped from there. Sweety removed her clothe and requested God for the betterment of Yug and Gunjan’s relationship.

Chamcham came near the temple and called Lucky he informed her that his Oxygen cylinder is about to over and requested her to come as soon as possible. Someone knocked at the door. Lucky and Rani went to open the door they found a man with a mask came inside and sat on the sofa and removed his mask. Chamcham’s legs were injured and were bleeding. Her tear dropped on the ground, and a sensation was felt by Yug standing far from her. Yug saw her, and he was moving towards her by recalling the past story of lock and key. Suddenly harsh called him and he went off.

Thakur offered chocolates to Lucky and Rani. They were a little scared to sew him here. Thakur tried to fear them by showing them poisoning chocolate and forced them to eat. Lucky starred coughing then Thakur said he qs just joking there is no poison in any of them it was just chili.

The priest came across with Chamcham and asked her that she is the only one who has come here for the traditional dance. Chamcham saw the goons around the. And agreed to his words and went with her.

Chamcham performed a traditional dance, and Yug was praying in front of the God idol. Chamcham came back home with an oxygen cylinder and noticed they were a little scared. Thakur hid in the cupboard and warned them not to reveal to Chamcham. But she noticed them seeing towards him rapidly, so she thought of checking. Suddenly Thakur came outside and pointed his gun towards her and fired, but no bullet came out. Thakur said he has just come to her to marry her. Chamcham denied to marry him. Then he went to Lucky and removed his Oxygen cylinder Chamcham started shouting at him then she agreed to his words to save Lucky.

Thakur said, his members to put on the lights and made her wear the right which he bought for him. Then he said Chamcham to cut the cake forcefully. Thakur offered her cake, but she turned her face. Thakur congratulates her and went off. Chamcham called and said to be ready as she is coming.

Episode end

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