Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 7 December 2020 Written Update : Sai gave a shock to Pakhi

At the beginning of the episode, Virat was sitting in his room Pakhi came and knocked on the door. Pakhi said. Virat to take permission with bus mother before talking to him as she doesn’t like it. Virat said nothing is like that then also he will talk with her about this. Virat requested Pakhi to help Sai in grooming for today’s function. Suddenly Sai came and said she don’t need anyone to help her Pakhi also asked Virat what he wants her to help Sai.

Virat said he just wants that Sai should learn from her as she is very mature. Sai said she is enough mature to get everything, and as this marriage is just a deal, so she will manage herself. Virat said Sai not to reveal this to everyone as this is in between us. Sai said I know you have shared everything with her last night as I heard you talking. Pakhi said it’s a bad habit to listen to anyone’s conversation. Sai said she was just feeling suffocating, so she came onto the balcony. Sai said Pakhi knows very well that Virat is not just a friend of him.

Ashwini was looking at every arrangement and requested Karishma to got out and welcome the guests. Sonali and Omkar came and got surprised by the decoration. Karumshao taunted Sai is lucky for having such mither in-law. Sonali asked Karishma to tell directly then she twisted her words. Bhavini came and said everyone started coming, and Sai is still not there. Suddenly Pakhi and Sai came downstairs. Ashwini praised her.

Mansi was crying and remembering Samrat and said no is worried about him. Pakhi’s parents came and hugged her and said her not to worry. Virat requested Mansi to join the function as Samrat will feel sad if he will get to know that you did not attend the function. Ashwini said Sai to be cool today and not to be aggressive. Suddenly Virat came with Mansi and saw Sai and gave a smile. Ashwini praised both of them. Then they meet a few guests.

Episode end

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