Yeh Hain Chahtein 7 December 2020 Written Update : Shocker for Balraj

At the beginning of the episode, Sharadha and Rudkraksh noticed Preesha and got confused about seeing her. Rudkraksh acknowledged Preesha about Gps’s heart attack. Preesha and Mahima got Shocked. Rudkraksh asked why they are doing here everyone was silent. Yuvraj went to reception and asked about Saransh, and he got to know that Saransh is badly injured. Yuvraj felt relief that he would not be taken his name.

Preesha acknowledged the incident, then Rudkraksh went to Balraj and asked what happened in his room Mahima said from the back that Balraj was trying to scare him, so he jumped from the window. Rudkraksh shouted at Balraj was doing such a thing with a small child. Suddenly Mahima said now Balraj will answer to Police as she will call the cops. Mahima said now Saransh will not stay with you. Yuvraj was listening to this secretly. Rudkraksh warned Mahima for speaking this again. Yuvraj spoke loudly and blamed everyone for Saransh situation and said he is the only one who brought Saransh back home last time.

Yuvraj said them to concentrate on what Saransh needed so much money. Then Yuvraj said them about his friend whose parents divorced and gave money to them and the Same thing Saransh thought of giving money to Mahima to send her far from Preesha. Rudkraksh started blaming Mahima, but Preesha stopped him from saying anything. Suddenly nurse came and asked for Saransh father, then Preesha said Rudkraksh to go. Yuvraj felt lucky for coming on time and saved himself.

Mahima was staring at Balraj wired. Balraj asked her why she is looking like this to him and said all these is because of her and your blood group is also not similar to her as Rudkraksh is giving blood without having any blood relation. Mahima said Saransh is your own grandson. Preesha tried to stop Mahina from speaking the truth, but Mahima said everything to him and blamed him for forcefully marrying him to Ahana. Shardha shouted at Preesha for hiding this truth from everyone for so long. Preesha said it was not her decision Rudkraksh advised her.

Episode end

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