Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7 December 2020 Written Update : Naira escaped at the right time

At the beginning of the episode, Naira and Kartik held each other. Kairav noticed Akshara and was coming downstairs and tried to stop her, but he didn’t. Kairav went near that baby and noticed that was not Akshara then Kairav recalled Kairtik’s words that when we miss someone, we use to imagine them around us. Kartik and Naira was peeping and felt happy that they escaped at the right time. Naira said Kairtikt to join back the party.

Luv, khush were feeling wired about the current family situation. Suddenly Surekha and Gayu came and asked them to come and have their favorite dishes, but they said if Naira would be present here family would not be divided into parts. Kairav and Kartik were sitting at the poolside Kartik gave a gift to him and said, this is from Akshara, and went to make some coffee for him. But Kartik was secretly showing to Naira over a video call. Kairsv thought of Calling Naira, but he recalled how she scolded her and dropped the plan.

Naira and Kartik were cycling and feeling happy about yesterday’s party. Naira and Kartik settled on a bench and discussed their daily schedule. Naira asked about the Ridhima clinic, but he was unaware of that. Naira got to know that Ridima has removed all the paintings which she hanged in the Kairav room. Ridima, Naira, and Kartik were discussing with each other Ridima were requesting them not to hurry up for everything as it needs time, but Kartik requested her to follow Naira’s idea as it can work.

Kairav was sitting in the park suddenly Ridima came with a book and recited a story to him and tried to explain to him that painting has the power to save someone and offered him brushes and colors to paint.

Episode end

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