Anupamma 7 December 2020 Written Update : Kavya create ruckus

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya is angry with Vanraj and says that Anupama also saw him fighting, and now what will she think that we fought in two days. He says he does not like if she talks to any boy. Kavya says that she does not even want to see Anupama and doesn’t like it when he eats her handmade food. Vanraj says his family and her friends are two different things.

He says he loves her very much so is feeling jealous. Kavya says she also feels jealous. She says that she has waited for many years that they stay together, do not waste this opportunity. She says that she never cheated on him and if love ever fell short she would tell him. Vanraj recalls that Anupama had said that 7 births are a short time for her as she wants to live with him longer.

There Leela says that a poor man can get his daughter married for 80 thousand and Pakhi needs money for the course. Paritosh says that nowadays course money is required. Pakhi says that she knows that they do not have that much money, so she has asked for Vanraj. Anupama says that she should have asked Babuji first. Pakhi says to she is asking her father for money, then there is no need.

There, Vanraj puts money in Anupama’s bank. And thinks that Anupama’s respect will now be loosened. Kavya sees the message from the bank. And thinks Anupama pretends to have self-respect so why she takes money. She goes to a meeting. Kavya comes to meet Anupama and taunts her. She curses her because she took money from Vanraj and also thanked him.

Leela calls Vanraj and narrates stories about Kavya. Vanraj thinks he will have to go home. Leela comes forward and scolds Kavya. Kavya curses Leela in anger. Anupama stops Kavya and says she has no right to insult Leela. She has no relation with Vanraj but this house belongs to him. Vanraj is coming towards the house and thinks why these women cannot remain calm.

Anupama tells Kavya that the difference between a wife and girlfriend is that the wife walks with the whole house but the girlfriend does not want to do so. Because she is scared. If she gives up this fear, she can still live in peace. Vanraj also comes home. Kavya is surprised to see him.

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