Shaadi Mubarak 7 December 2020 Written Update : Preeti donate Nandni’s stuff

Preeti is surprised to see Nandani’s picture and gift at the beginning of the episode. She asks Kirtan, he has kept Nandni’s belongings. But Nandni’s thing does not have any beautiful memories then why he has cherished her memories. He should throw these things away.

Kirtan says no. He let Preeti out of the room. Preeti says that Kirtan is doing wrong by keeping Nandani’s belongings. He should throw away his memories of Nandni. He should do this for his own sake by believing in her. Kirtan does not respond to Preeti. She says she cannot see Kirtan in such a condition.

Kirtan remembers Preeti’s words. There a hotel servant gives a gift to Nandni and says that someone has sent it for her. Nandni is surprised to see the gift. Preeti comes and tells Nandni that this is a ticket to Singapore, so go back now. Because by staying here, she is creating mental tension only for Kirtan. So it would be better to stop this drama and go from here.

Nandani says that her attitude has changed in a day. She says she used to think that Preeti is too naive. Preeti says there is no doubt that she is naive. But she becomes a lioness when things come upon her family. Nandni says but she cannot go. Preeti says why can not go or do not feel like going. Nandani says that Kirtan has filed a case against her so that he can stop her here.

Kusala packs food for someone there. Neil comes and asks her why she is packing food in the kitchen. Kusala scolds him for asking so many questions. Sneha comes Kusala taunts her as well. Sneha feels sad. Kirtan’s father asks Kirtan to join the worship. Kirtan says he does not want to be part of any worship. Kirtan’s father says this is necessary so get ready. He then calls Preeti and calls her home.

Further worship begins. Nandi’s talk is going on in Preeti’s mind. Kirtan’s father asks about Kusala. Sneha says she did not want to be part of Pooja so she left from here. Kirtan’s father says no problem the puja will still be successful. Pandit ji asks Kirtan to fill vermilion in Preeti’s forehead and tells that the vermilion is filled so that the wife always supports the husband.

Preeti says that she will maintain the dignity of this relationship. While Kirtan fills vermilion in her forehead. Pandit ji says that now perform the ritual of donating. Preeti brings Nandani’s belongings. Kirtan refuses and his father tells him to stay still. Preeti says that she wants to donate this stuff. Kirtan gets angry with Preeti. Preeti says that she knows that he is angry but she has to do it for his happiness.

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