Nagin 5 6 December 2020 written update – Bani learns about Chandarkala

Bani is going somewhere in the beginning of the episode. Veer says he will also come with her. Bani refuses but Veer does not listen to her. Bani says Veer calls Jai as Chipku but he is Chipku himself. Next they both come towards the temple. Veer is ready to go with Bani but Bani says this is a Nag temple and he cannot go there.

Veer says he will come with her no matter what. Bani says he is very stubborn and that is why she did not want Veer to come with her. When he first came here, she killed him, yet he is going to make this mistake. He says okay fine he will wait for her here. Bani says fine then.

Bani next goes to the temple. She tells Panditji’s wife that she is feeling strange. Pandit ji’s wife says she cannot help her. Nag Pandit comes and talks to Bani. Bani says she only wants his guidance. Nag Pandit says that with magic door vardan she has also received cause of trouble, which she will have to find in the texts.

Meera wants to give Tapash a gift. She says that it is not so expensive but she hopes Tapish will like this gift. She goes to Tapish and finds that Tapish is with his family. She calls him to talk to him. Daksha and Ponki say that he is a eagle so he should not go so easily. Balwant tauntingly says, “Go, someone is calling you”. But Tapish tells Meera that he is busy now so he will not come.

Meera finds his behavior strange. She goes to her room and hears the sound of water flowing. She goes to close the water tap but freezes there. There we find that Chandrakala has already burnt all the texts. Pandit’s wife says that Chandrakala did not want Bani to be comfortable so she won even after the defeat by destroying all the Grnath.

There Meera thinks that she just wanted to turn off the tap but how she got frozen here. While Bani does nine revolutions of Shiva so that she can know the truth. Bani further learns how Chandrakala got a boon from Shiva. She also came to know that Chandrakala is planning to kill her tonight.

There, Ritu praises Tapish that he is looking very good. She asks where is Meera. Bani comes, Ritu asks her about Meera. Bani says she does not know where Meera is. She discovers Meera and finds her standing under the shower. Bani saves Meera. Meera gets nervous.

Ritu says why Bani has not brought Meera yet. Veer comes. He calls Bani. He is angry. Bani comes and tells Veer they will talk later. She says they have to leave this house. Veer takes her to the side. Veer asks Bani why did she leave him alone. He says does she only pretend to be sweet. Bani apologizes to him and says she will make up for it. She says but now they have to go to a place which is far from the sea.

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