Qurbaan Hua 7 December 2020 Written Update : Will Chahat save Neel again?

At the beginning of the episode, Neel was going to save Kripa from Kidnapers. Chahat called and requested the owner to send the CCTV on her phone and decided to destroy the Pendrive, but she found Kripa was missing when she went downstairs there Jamunaparshad asked about Kripa to her Chahat was not having an answer.

Godhmbari started Taunting Chahat for her carelessness. Godhmbhari doubted Dr. Baigh for missing Kripa listening to this Vyas Ji got shocked. Chahat calmed Vyas Ji and said nothing would happen to her as she is alive. Neel called Chahat and informed her about Kripa’s kidnappers Chahat said to him that she is also coming there. Vyas Ji listened there conversation and asked Chahat what she was talking about. Chahat fooled Vyas Ji and said Neel had taken Kripa with him to buy her clothes.

Neel went to that location where Alekh called him and started searching for Kripa. Suddenly Kripa started crying, and Neel noticed Kripa was hanging at a height. Alekh peeping suddenly Godhmbhari called Alekh and informed him about Kripa missing, but Alkeh said he knows everything and himself has done this. Alekh said Kripa will not come back home now nor Neel. Neel noticed gas leakage and thought of Saving Krips first.

Alekh explained to Godhmbhari that how he has made a setup to Kill Neel. Neel stood on a paddle, and suddenly a machine started afterward he got to know that if he would get down, then the fire machine will get turned on. Anyhow Neel managed to Bring down Kripa, and using a stick he pushed Kripa away from the location. Neel felt upset for being in such a situation as he has stated loving Chahat.

Neel noticed only 5 minutes ate left, suddenly Chahat came and picked Kripa and then searched for Neel. Neel was forcing Chahat to go back as the whole room is filled with gas, and after 5 minutes an explosion will take place. Chahat dragged a gas cylinder to balance the peddle weight. Suddenly Krips started crying Neel requested Chahat to handle Kripa. Chahat came with Kripa and hugged Neel, and stood there.

Episode end

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