Kundli bhagya 10 November 2020 Written Update : Karan teases Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Ramona tells Mahira that this time Mahira will not come from Luthra House but Preeta will go out from Luthra House . She says that she will make Preeta’s condition like Gayatri. Just as she drove Gayatri away from Mahira’s father, she would do it with Preeta. Mahira says but Gayatri was a simple woman but Preeta is very clever. She tells Ramona that Preeta has challenged her that she will get her out of the house and will never allow Mahira to become Karan’s wife. Ramona tells her not to panic and says that she should fast for Karan to win his heart. Mahira agrees to do this.

Further, Rakhi takes some promises from Dadi which are for the betterment of Preeta. Dadi agrees to obey everything which Rakhi demand. Rakhi gets happy and thanks her. Further, Preeta recalls how her first Karvachoth fast was completed. She says that everyone feels that this is her first fast but only she knows that this is her second Karvachoth fast. She remembers how an aunt forced her to fast for Karvachauth and she kept the fast by obeying her. Preeta gets lost in her memories. Whereas on the other hand, Sarla expresses her concern about Preeti in front of Janaki and Srishti.

Sarla calls Preeta and tells her the rules of Karvachauth. Preeta listens everything she saying. And says that she will keep the fast but Karan is not worth it. Sarla asks her why she is saying this. Preeta tells her that Karan had notices her head injury that day when Pawan kidnapped her but still does not ask her about the injury. Karan overhears Preeta’s talk and snatches her phone from her hand and tells Sarla that he had asked but Preeta did not answer, so he did not asked about it further because he was upset with the activities of Preeta. Sarla agrees with his point and supports Karan. Preeta gets angry seeing this and she disconnects the phone.

Karan says why is she so jealous of him. Preeta says she doesn’t get jealous of him but her family was scolding her by supporting him, so she gets angry and she disconnects the phone. Karan says she is lying. Preeta denies this.

Karan says to Preeta to bother her that she does not jealous with him but she burns when she sees Mahira. Preeta gets irritated and says there is nothing like this. Karan says he knows that she is jealous of Mahira. He adds more to teases Preeta that what will happen when Mahira also fasts for him. Preeta says she does not mind it and if Mahira wants to keep fast then she can keep it.

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