Qurbaan Hua 10 November 2020 Written Update : Dr. Baigh saved Neel

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat was searching for Neel in the garden. Godhmbari requested Vyas Ji to calm down Chahat. Chahat saw the moon arises and said that Neel will surely come. Godhmbari forces Chahat to open their bangles, but Chahat was not ready to accept that Neel is no more. Parmukh went to Vyas Ji and told him that Chahat has lost his mind.

Dr. Biagh called a few doctors and arranged treatment for Neel. Dr. Baigh recalled his oath which he has taken before becoming a doctor. Chahat scattered all the clothes and requesting Neel to come back. Vyas Ji came back with Kripa in her hands and tells Chahat that God has snatched both of his children from him. Vyas Ji started crying.

Neel was screaming in pain and Dr. Baigh was treating Neel. Chahat told Vays Ji that she will not go anywhere and takes a promise from Vays Ji that there will not last rites for Neel. And no prayers for Neel.

Parmukh canceled the deal of monument. Godhmbari came to Parmukh and told him that Chahat has lost his mind and requesting Vyas Ji not to be sad for anything. Parmukh feels happy to get the opportunity of being head of the family.

Parmukh went to Vyas Ji and requested him to hand over the temple responsibility to him and stay free from that. Vyas Ji says told Parmukh that he will make Chahat head of the committee, and he will just take care of Kripa. Parmukh gets off from there in aggression.

Godhmbari came and told Naveli that now there is no benefit in marrying Parmukh. Naveli also said that she would not marry him. Parmukh was going from that side and heard all these and said both of them a chameleon.

Dr. Biagh prayed for Neels’s recovery. Gazala came and saw Dr. Baigh was locking the door. Gazala asked him what he was doing here. Dr. Baigh acted and ran towards the road and distracted her. Gazala injected Dr. Baigh and made him sleep in the car.

After one week, Vyas Ji was missing Neel and crying for him. Chahat was also missing Neel and talking to himself. Chahat was recalling her past moments.

Episode end.

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