Ishq Mein Marjawan2 9 November 2020 Written Update : Riddhima and Vansh’s relationship is in danger

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima asks Kabir for help to find Ragini and says that this work can be of the same person who killed Uma. Ragini tries to call Riddhima but Anupriya shuts her mouth. Kabir remembers how he imprisoned Ragini. Riddhima says that she feels as if someone from here is keeping an eye on her. Kabir says that she is safe here and no one is there except them. Riddhima is eyeing Anupriya but Kabir distracts her. And says that Siya is the one who has imprisoned Ragini. Riddhima denies this and says that Siya is concerned about Vansh and she will not do so. Ragini throws a vase so that Riddhima can help her. But before Riddhima can see her, Anupriya hides Ragini too.

Later, Kabir tells Riddhima to leave from there so that Vansh does not question her. Vansh gives Siya a gift but he sees the confusion on Siya’s face and asks her why she is upset. Siya does not tell Vansh anything because she has given Riddhima 24 hours to cure the Ragini problem. Ragini tells Anupriya that Riddhima will finish her game very soon. Anupriya is about to slap her but Kabir stops her and says that he has arranged even better things for Ragini which will hurt Ragini immensely.

Ragini says do what you want to do because when Vansh comes to know about them, he will not leave them. Dadi arranges pooja for Siya as happily her feet are healed. Riddhima gives prasad to Dadi and Dadi hugs her. Riddhima’s mangalsutra gets stuck in grandmother’s bangle. Dadi asks her to take care of Mangalasutra and tells Riddhima that Mangalasutra is a sign of good luck to the wife, so never let it break.

Aryan is about to hide the chip in the locker but Anupriya feeds him the toxic prasad, which spoils his stomach and Anupriya steals the chip and gives it to Kabir. Both are very happy. Angre tells Vansh that he has found CCTV footage. Vansh gets happy knowing this. Riddhima comes to him. Her Mangalsutra is broken by Vansh. Riddhima weeps and says their relationship is in danger. Vansh adds Mangalasutra’s pearl to the thread to calm her down and ties it in her hand and says nothing will happen to their relationship. Riddhima asks God to help her. Ragini calls Vansh. But Vansh is busy worshiping with Riddhima, which is why he does not pay attention to the phone.

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