Shakti 9 November 2020 Written Update : Heer completes Parmeet’s challenge

At the beginning of the episode, Heer makes tea for everyone. Simran asks Heer if she knows how to make tea. Because when there is no good tea in their house, they throw it away. Heer says that she has no need to worry because she has learned to make tea from Soumya. Simran forms a mouth on Soumya’s name and uses bad words for Saumya. Heer warns her not to do such an act after today or else it will not be good for her. Simran asks her what she would do if she did it again. Heer forcibly fills jaggery in Simran’s mouth and says that she will then shut her mouth like this.

Simran angrily leaves the kitchen and tells Parmeet and others that Heer does not even have the ability to talk nicely. Virat says that a lot of people in their house do not have this ability, but he wants to know what did she go to do in the kitchen. Simran does not say anything. Heer serves tea to everyone. Virat and Gurminder praise her tea. Gurminder gives Heer a phone as a gift. Heer becomes happy after getting it. Virat does not want to let Heer use the phone and he puts it in water, which damages Heer’s phone. She becomes angry with Virat. Virat wants to make her happy so he says that he will do anything for Heer so tell him what she wants. Heer says she wants to go honeymoon. Virat refuses this. Heer becomes sad. She makes a chart that can help her to fulfill Preeto’s conditions. Virat does not like this idea or hers. But Heer tells him to shut up and leaves the room.

Heer goes to Parmeet. She finds that Parmeet is upset because she is suffering from headaches. Heer rubs her head. Gurminder shows this view to Virat and says that Heer will fulfill the condition and soon make a place in Parmeet’s heart. Virat gets a call from Preeto who calls him to meet her. Virat leaves the house.

Parmeet gets annoyed with this and thinks of harassing Heer. She challenges Heer to walk on a glass pieces. Gurminder stands against Parmeet. But Parmeet tells her to keep her mouth shut. Parmeet asks Heer if she is ready to accept her challenge. Heer says yes. Preeto tells Virat that she is worried about Heer seeing Parmeet’s antics. Heer walks on the glass pieces. Blood starts pouring from her leg. Gurminder is sad to see Heer’s bad condition. While Heer completes Parmeet’s challenge.

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