Barrister babu 9 November 2020 written update :Mini’s truth revealed in front of everyone

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita refuses Anirudh to go to London with Mini. Anirudh notices Binoy is standing outside his room. So Anirudh tells Bondita that he will definitely go London with Mini and no one can stop him. Binoy thinks that he was worrying unnecessarily while Anirudh is worried about Mini. Bondita gets angry with Anirudh and walks out of the room. Anirudh apologizes to Bondita and also says that he will have to do this drama for now so that the truth can be revealed to everyone soon.

Bihari tries to make Trilochan laugh. He tries hard but Trilochan makes no stir. Bihar is sad. Bihari says Mini wants to overcome Anirudh and Bondita, in which she is also going to succeed very soon. And if Mini is successful in her plan, then he will leave this house. Next, Bondita lights Diwali diyas and also brings a diya to Trilochan’s room. Binoy is also present in Trilochan’s room. He teases Bondita and tells her that when the villagers come home today, she should not stand near Trilochan because the villagers still consider her a fraud.

On the other hand Anirudh decorates the room with lamps. Mini comes to Anirudh. Anirudh praises Mini and thinks that soon he will reveal the secret of Mini. While Mini is excited thinking that today he will say I love you to her. Bondita thinks what she what should she do so that people stop treating her as a liar and a cheater.

Anirudh praises Mini’s beauty and says that he does not know how to reveal his feelings to her. The villagers there give Diwali gifts to Trilochan. Bondita watches them from a distance. Anirudh tells Mini that no one can understand their love and Bondita is also against their relationship. He adds that it would be wrong to leave Bondita alone so it would be better if they dies together. He sprays kerosene on himself and Mini. Mini gets nervous. Anirudh fires Mini’s saree. Mini shouts in fear. She calls Anirudh insane and spout the truth in front of everyone . Trilochan also stands up and tells Mini that after all Mini herself has revealed her truth to everyone. Bondita is happy to see Trilochan healthy.

Mini is shocked to see Trilochan standing on his feet. And Anirudh tells Mini how Trilochan was cured after Bondita’s arrival but pretended not to be well. So that he can reveal the truth of Mini. Mini is turning red in anger. At the same time she is feeling sad as now everyone has come to know about her game.

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