Anupamma 10 November 2020 Written Update : Vanraj warns Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, the doctor tells Anupama that Hansmukh condition is bad, so they have to decide quickly and start the operation process. Anupama is confused but agrees to signs the operation paper which states that if anything happens to Hansmukh during the operation, the doctor will not be responsible for it. Anupama remembers Hansmukh saying that daughters are the form of God and their decisions are also correct, as well as she remembers that Vanraj is not picking up her phone and finally signs the paper.

On the other hand, Leela is not happy with Anupama’s decision as she is not aware of this while Dolly tries to console Leela. Vanraj is spending time with Kavya. While Anupama tells Samar and Paritosh about her operation decision. Paritosh says why she made this decision without Vanraj. Anupama asks if Vanraj is here. Later doctors take Hansmukh for the operation. Anupama advises Hansmukh to stay strong and says that she will feed him cream roll after he recovers.

Everyone remembers the moments with Hansmukh and tears start flowing from their eyes. Anupama prays for Hansmukh and begs God to fix him as she cannot lose Hansmukh like her father. The doctor informs Anupama that the operation process is over but they will have to wait till Hansmukh comes to his senses to find out the situation of him. Paritosh thinks it would be good if Vanraj comes here. While Anupama goes to Kavya’s house and tells Vanraj everything.

Vanraj asks Anupama how she said yes to the operation without his approval and if anything happens to his father, he will not leave her. Further, at the hospital, the doctor tells Vanraj that Hansmukh is alright due to Anupama’s right decision. Paritosh thinks about telling this to everyone. Anupama wants to learn to drive a car so that in such a situation, she does not have to wait for anyone else. And for this, she asks for help from Kinjal.

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