Shaadi Mubarak 10 November 2020 Written Update : Rati wants to defame Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Rati comes to know that KT is not married and she wants to take advantage of this and thinks of defaming Preeti in front of people. At the same time, KT thinks that he has to tell the truth to Preeti at any cost or else Preeta’s trust in him will be broken. Further KT and Preeti do the arrangement for the turmeric function. KT praises the work of both of them and says that no one else can do the work of organizing a good function as them because they are great artists. Preeti agrees.

KT gets a little closer to Preeti. Preeti gets nervous and tries to know if anyone has seen them. While Rati is looking at them. Preeti starts sliding and KT thinks of saving her but Preeti manages to get herself and KT tells her that he thought that he would save Preeti from falling. Preeti says she can take care of herself. But then flowers start showering on them.

KT jokes about what would happen if someone saw them spending time like this. Preeti laughs while Kusum is happy to see them both happy together. On the other hand, Rati and her mother plan to discredit Preeti in which Rati’s mother asks Rati to get evidence against Preeti so that she can succeed in the conspiracy against Preeti based on that evidence. Preeti and KT are still having a good time. And Kusum smiled seeing them from a distance.

Kusum asks Juhi about the likings of Preeti. Juhi thinks a lot and then tells that Preeti likes to eat rabri khurchan i.e. the remaining portion. Kusum says that she likes to take the remaining portion every time. Baldev goes to KT and finds he is doing exercises and says he should take more care of his mental state than this. Baldev puts his hands on one of KT’s kurtas and tries to wear them but the kurta stuck in between.

This time KT tells Baldev that he needs to pay attention to his physical condition. Baldev gets irritated. Bhu and Phufa ji praise KT and Preeti. While Kusum makes Rabri for Preeti and asks KT to give Preeti to Rabri. Preeti comes to them and asks what both of them are talking about. But they do not tell her anything. Next, the function starts, everyone dances. There is an atmosphere of happiness while Rati is ready to execute her plan.

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