Yeh Hain Chahtein 10 November 2020 Written Update : Rudraksh get to know the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Neerja said that Rahul wants to say something, then Rahul accepted that he has edited that video and wanted to apart them. Rahul accepted all his faults in front of Preesha. Preesha told me that now what I will gain from all these and told him to keep quiet and not to say anything. Rahul said he is not saying this to you, but he is speaking to Rudraksh was standing just before her. Rudraksh was feeling guilty and recalling how she treated Pressha in the past days.

Rudraksh slowly came to Preesha and then moved to Rahul. Then Rahul showed Rudraksh the original CCTV frottage. Yuvraj was observing all these things from the window and said, now everything is destroyed. And immediately escaped from there until they see him. Rudraksh grasped Rahul’s collar and shouted at him for doing such a nuisance. And asked him why he did that with me.

Rahul was standing silently and told Rudraksh that he would pay for his mistakes. Suddenly Rudraksh noticed Preesha left the room, and Rudraksh went to search her outside. Preesha was walking alone on the road, suddenly some goons came near her and started teasing her. And surrounded her. One of the goons was forcing with Preesha, suddenly Rudraksh came there and beaten everyone and saved Preesha.

Rudraksh told me that he had seen the original video. Preesha was not happy with this and told Rudraksh that his actions have hurt him a lot and why she loses her all her self respect and requested him to leave her alone. Preesha told him that he has said him characterless, and now he is considering him as his wife.Preesha said that she didn’t do anything against him, and never she doubted him and never asked him anything but Rudraksh tortured him a lot. Pressha was asking the reason for such a gesture.

Rudraksh said loudly that he loved him, and he only wants her. And confess his feelings for her. Rudraksh said all his aggression is because he loves you. And acknowledged her that for a long time he wanted to confess, but he never got the opportunity.

Episode end.

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