Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10 November 2020 Written Update: Good news for the Goenkas

At the beginning of the episode, the police were interacting with the children. Naira tells Kartik that we should not feel scared of anything. Kirti takes all the blame on her. Kairav told everything about the incident. Police were twisting their questions, but Krish was constant on his reply. After a few times, Police told them to take a rest. Kartik told the police that their children are innocent, but the police told them that they have to write a complaint against Kairav.

Naira told that the police that Aditya is an evil man, and he was trying to harm our child. Police said to the rest of the family they have to follow the processing of the law. Police told Kartik to come with him to the police station. Kairav was very scared, and Dadi was losing her consciousness. All the children hugged each other. Naksh told Kirti that they have to do something. Kirti also says that she would not allow Aditya to spoil the peace of the family.

Aditya regained his consciousness in the hospital and found Kartik and Naira standing with the police officer. Aditya started telling the police to Keep Nira away from him. Suddenly Kirti and Naksh came there with the proofs and CCTV footage in which it was clearly seen Aditya was forcing the children.

Naira and Kartik came back and said that everyone has proved innocent. All the children rejoiced together. Kartik told everyone how Naksh and Kirti had saved them by coming at the correct timing. Naksh told us that we will remain together. All gets happy to see, but suddenly Naksh said the lawyer had texted him that we have to reach the court within a few minutes.

Naira and Kartik came to Kirti and tried to explain to him and not to break his wedding. Kirti said it’s not all her decision it also depends on Naksh. Naira asked her if Naksh will change his decision it would be adjustable for her. Naira also mentioned that after today’s incident there are some changes in Naksh.

Episode end

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