Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10 November 2020 Written Update : Arman strike his own mother

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni is sad that Shayari is lost and tells everyone that she was imprisoned in the coffin in front of her. Everyone consoles her. While Rubina comes in front of them with Armaan. Everyone gets worried after seeing this. Roshni asks Rubina to give her Armaan. Rubina says that she will not leave Armaan as Roshni has broken her promise. Roshni says but this is no mistake of Armaan so she should leave him. Rubina says that because Roshni cheated on her so she will punish her like so. Rubina tells Roshni that now Arman is under her control and she will now perk Roshni through Armaan.

Armaan strikes Roshni with magic and tied her but then Aman comes and makes Roshni free from his captivity. Everyone is happy to see Aman. Another side Shayari is about to lose her sense. Rehan tells Shayari not to lose courage and assures that they will be free soon. The spider asks Rehan not to make false promises because Shayri is about to die soon. And then she will have Shayri at dinner. Rehan ignores her and tells Shayari to muster up the courage but she faints.

Rubina asks Aman how he came back. Aman says what she wanted that she should always be imprisoned forever. Aman tries to take Armaan but Armaan pushes him away. Rubina says that Armaan is now in her possession as well as Rehan and Shayari and they alone are not able to do anything. Roshni says they have never given up and will not give up. Aman asks Armaan to come to him. Rubina’s magic starts falling short on Armaan and Rubina disappears with him.

Rehan tells unconscious Shayari to come to her senses and tells her not to give up, as well as he wants to tell her about his feelings. Shayari gets free from the spider web and asks Rehan what he wants to tell her. Then Rubina comes to them with Armaan.

Roshni cries and everyone comforts her and says Armaan will return soon. Baby asks Aman how he came out of the mirror. Aman tells them that with the help of Sifrti diamonds. Ahead to get rid of Rehan and Shayari Rubina sprinklers laughing powder on them. Both start laughing and ask Ruibina to stop it. While Rubina smiles and says that with the help of this powder they will die soon.

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