Qurbaan Hua 11 November 2020 Written Update : Parmukh drugs Chahat

At the beginning of the episode, Neel woke up from the bed, and with the support of the wall he was walking, and suddenly he broke the mirror, then he picked a piece of that mirror and saw him covered with bandages got scared and screamed. Chahat saw Someone was peeping from the window and ran towards it shouting Neels’s name. Then Chahat went downstairs and told Vyas Ji that he has seen Neel’s shadow and went outside to search him.

Parmukh came with Kripa, and she was crying loudly. Then Chahat took Kripa with her inside telling that Neel will come soon. Parmukh told Vyas Ji that Chahat’s mental health is not good, she might harm herself. Vyas Ji was also feeling very sad for Chahat. Chahat was praying to her God for Neel comeback. Parmukh put his opinion that he can marry Chahat to support her in the future.

Vyas Ji got angry and was about to slap him, but Parmukh joined his hand and sat down. Parmukh told me that he just wanted to support Kripa and Chahat. Parmukh started convenience Vyas Ji. While praying Chahat felt Neel is somewhere around him. Vyas Ji said without Chahat permission, I can not say anything. Chahat was pampering Kripa and telling her that Neel will come soon.

Parmukh entered the room with milk and told her to drink and not to affect her health. Parmukh sat beside Chahat and told her that she needs someone in her life to supporting her in the future and told her about his opinion, Which he said to Vyas Ji. Godhmbhari was telling Jamunaparshad that Chahat is becoming mentally, might have to send her to a mental hospital.

Parmukh came and said Chahat will not go anywhere I will marry her suddenly Vyas interpreted and said to him that until Chahat agrees to this you Will not discuss this. Parmukh said that Chahat is ready for this. Vyas Ji went to Chahat room and asked her.

Chahat nodded her head. Naveli went off from there. Vyas Ji agreed to Chahat decision. Naveli was crying in her room. Godhmbari told that Parmukh will end Chahat life as he did with Saraswati. Parmukh was feeding Chahat a few medicines to control him. Parmukh tells himself that now he will own everything. Neel with his covered face went to the ticket counter and took a ticket.

Episode end

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