Kundli bhagya 11 November 2020 Written Update :Preeta mocks Mahira

At the beginning of the episode, Grandma asks Girish where are the nuts and other things. Girish says that he does not know about these things. Grandma shouts at Girish after hearing this. Kareena asks Dadi what she is doing in the kitchen. Dadi tells that Rakhi takes a promise from her that she should make sargi and serve all daughters-in-law with love.

Mahira comes to the kitchen and tells that she too will do fast ritual. Kritika says that Mahira is not the daughter-in-law of this house, so how can she keep this fast. Kareena interrupts Kritika and Kritika changes her words and says that she is weak then how can she keep the fast. Mahira says but she will still keep the fast. Dadi refuses Mahira but when Mahira does not listen to her, grandmother does not speak anything further. And thinks she fulfilled her duty by interrupting Mahira and now she is not agreeing, then what can she do.

Mahira leaves from the kitchen and stops in front of Karan’s room. Karan notices Mahira and asks her if she had any work. Mahira says no she was just passing by then stopped to see him. Karan asks her to take rest in her room. Mahira asks if she can rest here. Karan refuses. At the same time Preeta comes there. Karan tries to get close to Mahira to burn Preeta, seeing that Preeta gets angry and she tells them to continue and leaves the room. Preeta goes in front of the window of the room so that she can hear the words of Mahira and Karan.

Karan once again asks Mahira to leave the room, while Mahira pretends that she has a fever, she wants to stay in his room. Karan checks and says that she does not have fever, she can go to her room. Karan leaves from there and Preeta comes and taunts Mahira. Mahira tells Preeta that she will break her pride very soon. Preeta jokingly says that she know nothing apart from breaking things.

Girish tells Preeta that her mother has come. Preeta goes to Sarla and is happy to meet her. Sarla sees Mahira there and is sad to see her. Dadi tells Kareena not to misbehave infront of Sarla. Kareena says that today Rakhi’s soul has come in her, which is why she is talking like this to Sarla. Dadi says Sarla will come here everyday so for one day they bear it. Sarla gives dry fruits laddu to Preeta. And gives Besan’s laddus to Karan. Mahira feels bad seeing this and she calls her mother and asks her to come to Luthra House. Preeta thinks where is Mahira.

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