Shakti 10 November 2020 Written Update : Parmeet gives shocking news to Preeto

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto tells Virat that Heer can go to any extent to fulfill her given conditions and can bear all the tortures that Parmeet has given. On the other hand, Heer accuses Preeto and adds that because of Preeto she need to bear all this pain. Gurminder calls Virat home. Virat comes home in a hurry and sees traces of blood. Virat goes to the room and finds Heer in an injured state. Heer is cleaning the pieces of glass which get stuck in her foot. Virat helps her. Heer then tells him that more than this injury Virat and Preeto’s collusion hurting her. Virat tells her to keep calm and goes to Parmeet. Parmeet sees resentment on Virat’s face and tries to convinces him not to come between her and Heer.

At the same time, Virat injured himself with broken glass, and this time he tells Parmeet that he should not interfere in his matter. While Sant gets angry at Virat and scolds him and asks if his mind is disturbed. Virat tells that the glass pieces are very painful when they stucks on the skin but if they treat Heer like that then he will also hurt himself.

Later, Heer cleans Virat’s wounds and rubs plasters. Virat tells Heer that he loves her very much. Parmeet tries to go to Virat but Virat interrupts her and refuses to come near him. Heer interrupts Virat and asks him to talk to Parmeet in a civilized manner. While Parmeet wants to torture Heer more so that Preeto apologizes to her by sitting on her knees. Preeto gets upset thinking about Heer and is waiting for Virat’s phone. Then Parmeet enters her house and shows Preeto Heer’s blood.

Preeto gets scared and says that she killed Heer. Parmeet denies this and says that Heer only gets hurt by the broken glass. Rohan asks Parmeet why she did all this. Parmeet says that she was only taking the Heer test. Parmeet tells Preeto that if she apologizes to her, she will give all the happiness to Heer and consider her daughter. Preeto says that even if she dares to touch Heer, she will destroy her. Parmeet leaves from there. While Preeto says that they made a huge mistake, that they agreed to the marriage. Simran is talking to her boyfriend when Heer comes there and tells Simran that she knows what is going on in her life. She notices when she went shopping but came empty-handed. Simran tells her not to enter her personal things.

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