Ishq Mein Marjawan2 10 November 2020 Written Update :Anupriya tries to kill Siya

At the beginning of the episode, Siya asks Vansh to accompany her. Vansh tells Riddhima not to worry too much and all goes well and then goes to Siya. Riddhima asks God for help and then notices that Vansh’s phone is ringing. She picks up the phone and Ragini asks for her help. Riddhima asks her about her location. But due to noise, she cannot hear anything.

Kabir catches Ragini and the phone is cut off. Riddhima gets worried that how will she find out Ragini without location. But then she remembers that she heard the sound of the temple and the train. She wonders what is the place where both the station and the temple are present. She comes to know the name of such a place and she departs towards that direction.

Anupriya hears her talk and takes the phone and gives it to Vansh and tries to incite Vansh against Riddhima but Vansh tells Anupriya that he has full faith in Riddhima then she should also believe in his faith and stop doubting Riddhima. Anupriya thinks that his trust will break soon. Kabir fills poisonous smoke in a room to kill Ragini. And calls Anupriya to inform about it. Anupriya is happy and says that now Vansh will go to jail and no one will even know who killed Uma.

Siya listens to all the words of Anupriya. Riddhima reaches Ragini and saves her. Kabir sees this. Vansh notices the unknown number on his phone and asks Angre to find out about that number. And himself also goes out of the house. Siya calls Vansh to reveal the secret of Anupriya. But Vansh is unable to listen to her and disconnects the phone.

While Anupriya comes to know that Siya comes to know about her, she tries to kill her. There Kabir tries to kill Riddhima and Vansh is moving towards Ragini. Siya runs away, dodging Anupriya. Anupriya searches for her. Kabir is about to hit Riddhima but Riddhima strikes back and Kabir faints.

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