Barrister babu 10 November 2020 written update :Mini threatens Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh scolds Mini for her misdeeds.  Mini says that she did all this for him because she loves him.  But Anirudh sent her away and kept Bondita close to him and she had no regrets for her doings.  Trilochan slaps Mini and says this is madness, not love.  He tells Mini that the reason for the slap is that she tries killed his children.  He slaps her one more time and says this slap for making his son and daughter-in-law separate.  The village apologizes to Bondita for mistaking her and curses Mini.

Mini angrily looks at Bondita and picks up the jug that is nearby.  Everyone thinks what Mini wants to do.  And Mini tries to kill Bondita with Jag but Anirudh grabs her hand.  Trilochan asks Mini to leave the house.  Trilochan adds that on the day of Diwali, there will be the departure of Alakshmi and the hospitality of Lakshmi i.e. Bondita.  Mini is still standing in front of Roy Chodhari, then Trilochan says if she did not hear what he said, get out of the house.  He gives her a stick and says that now this will be her support.

Mini asks Binoy to support her.  But Binoy curses him.  Binoy breaks all ties with Mini and says that he would never want a badass girl like Mini to have any relationship with this house.  He ask Mini to leave his home.  Mini says that she will make  Trilochan and his family life miserable and ruin them.  Mini threatens Bondita that she will take away her happiness from her just as she has snatched Anirudh from her.  Anirudh says that she will never be able to do anything to Bondita because he is with her.

Sampoorna tells Saurav that she wants to meet Bondita.  Tears drip from her eyes.  Sourav comforts her and behaves like a Nawab and lightens her mood.  On the other hand, the villagers apologize to Trilochan.  Trilochan forgives them.  The villagers cheers for Roy Chodhari and then leave.  Bondita is angry with Anirudh as they hid from her that Trilochan has been cured.  Trilochan says he did it because he was enjoying seeing Bondita’s affection.  Bondita says that before that did he think that she does not love him.  Trilochan denies this.

Further, Trilochan scolds Bihari because him bothers him a lot. He tells her to hold her ear and apologize. Bondita says that when all is well, she is forgiving Anirudh. Anirudh thanks her. Happiness lingers again on Roy Chodhari family.

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