Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 November 2020 Written Update: Will Kartik, Naira efforts bear fruit?

At the beginning of the episode, Kirti said that he has apologized for her mistake, but it is too late now Naksh will not change his decision. Kirti went to Naksh, but she heard Naksh was telling that divorce is the final decision, and it would not change over a video call to Badi Dadi.

Kartik and Naksh were in a car, Kirti and Naira were in another car moving towards the court. Kartik said that still there are few sparks in their relationship. Kartik told him not to apart. Both of them were saying the same thing that it is too late now to change the decision. Naira told life to give many signs before the result. Kartik was giving his divorce example. They both reached the court.

Naira was recalling her past moment’s when she divorced Kartik. Naira and Kartik tried their best and till last to change their mind. Naksh and Kirti moved towards the court. Naira told Kartik we failed in stopping them from taking divorce. All were worried and waiting for them to come back. Suddenly Kairav noticed Niara and Kartik came back. Kartik came and told Krish to pack his bags and go with Naksh. Manish gets hyper and says that no one can take him. Then Kartik revealed that Naksh and Kirti canceled their divorce everyone was happy to hear this. Children rejoiced and danced together.

Dadi prays to God for the unite of Naksh and Kirti. Dadi told them that they would celebrate Karwa Chauth. Kartik explains the meaning of Karwa Chauth. Kairav was will to keep the fast for the whole family. Kairav gets an idea which he wishes to share with his siblings only that how he will make Karwa Chauth more interesting.

Kartik woke up and praised Niara for her beauty as she was standing in front of the mirror. All the family members settled down at the table. All the children were serving the food. Naira thanked everyone for such a surprise. Manish was bothering by the work and losses. Kartik went to Manish and said to him that he would handle all the work. Suddenly Akshara started crying, and Kartik rushed towards her.

Episode end

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