Yeh Hain Chahtein 11 November 2020 Written Update : Rudraksh, Yuvraj lock horns

At the beginning of the episode, Rudraky confesses his feelings and tells her how every time he comes to tell her his feelings, but the situation gets weird, and he couldn’t. Rudraksh hugged Preesha and request her not to go anywhere by leaving him alone. Rudrkah also says that he can not leave without her, and said he was angry because every time he found Yuvraj standing with her and says he thought why Preesha does not understand his feelings.

Preesha also gets emotional. Rudraksh tells me that she has teased me a lot. Rudraksh said that he has now learned that love is another name for trust. Rudraksh loudly tels “I love you” to Preesha and says that now he is feeling good and request Preesha to share her feeling. Preesha ran away from there and stand in a shed and started recalling Rudraksh words and feels happy.

A hand came on Preesha shoulder, then Preesha confesses her love, suddenly Yuvraj replied to her back saying “I love you too” Preesha gets shocked by seeing Yuvraj there. Yuvraj was feeling happy suddenly Preesha tells him to stop his nonsense and tells him that she would never love her. Yuvraj tells Rudraksh has planned and snatched her from him. Preesha slapped Yuvraj, and then Yuvraj started manipulating Preesha against Rudraksh. Yuvraj told Rudraksh is just using her.

Yuvraj grasped Preesha hand and forced her to come back to her life again. Suddenly Rudraksh came there and started beating him. Yuvraj pushed Rudraksh and tells him that Preesha has confessed his love for him, and he is her first love. A fight broke down in between them. Preesha was trying to stop Rudraksh pushed him on the ground and said to him that no one can apart them and warns him not to come close to Preesha. After they left Yuvraj got angry with Rahul and decided to kill him. Rudraksh and Preesha were on their way. Rudraksh tells Preesha to share her feelings too.

Episode end

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