Shaadi Mubarak 11 November 2020 Written Update : Baldev wants to snatch Preeti’s freedom

At beginning of the episode, KT tries to remove Rabri Khurchan from the Kadai. Kusum sees how hard KT is working for Preeti, despite that he has never worked in her house. KT further thinks that there are so many people here, so how can he feed Preeti the Khurchan in front of everyone. That’s when Rati turns off the lights.

KT takes advantage of the opportunity and feeds Preeti Khurchan. Preeti says thanks to KT. KT says he never ate this. Preeti says he did not achieve such great happiness. She tells him to eat now. KT eats it but he doesn’t like it. Preeti gets to know this and she says that she is finding out by looking at his face that he does not like Khurchan. KT asks her if he gets to know everything even in the dark. Preeti remembers that she has to do a light check. But then the light turns on and before the light turns on, Rati fits Preethi’s nose pin into Katie’s kurta.

Further, Rati asks Preeti where her Nath is. They all start searching. Preeti finds that her Nath is stuck in KT’s shirt. She thinks that if anyone sees this, they will get it wrong. Bhua also goes to KT. Preeti gets nervous. Rati is happy that her plan is going to work. But Bhua catches KT’s hand and nath goes into KT’s pocket. Bhua says that she will call a scavenger to check.

Later, Kusum asks KT if he fed Preeti Khurchan. KT says yes and says that when Preeti is having khurchan he notices a glow in her eyes which is amazing. Kusum asks KT if he can notice a glow in her eyes in the dark also. KT says yes because happiness looks different on Preeti’s faces. On the other hand, Preeti is upset thinking about how to get back her nath. She calls KT but he didn’t pick up his phone. Kusum comes and asks Preeti to eat more khurchan. Preeti refuses to eat.

Kusum says she eats the khurchan when KT bring for her, but now she don’t want to eat when she brings for her. Preeti says KT is doing very strange things. Because the lover does such work for his girlfriend. Kusum laughs at her. Preeti changes the talk and leaves. Next, Baldev gets Preeti’s nath in KT’s kurta. Both Rati and Preeti see this. Rati is happy. Baldev tells Bhua this and asks her to take away Preeti’s freedom.

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