Kundli bhagya 7 November 2020 Written Update : Prithvi expose Mahira

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta tries to make understand Karan that Mahira is not in the right position, and she can do anything to gain Karan. Preeta says that this is why it is not suitable for her to stay in this house and not good for both of them as it is now coming to their marriage. Karan tells her not to worry as she will not come between them. Preeta says that she has taken entry in the house as a daughter-in-law, so she will, for sure, come in between them. Karan assures her that nothing like this will happen as Mahira is only his friend and will not let Mahira hurt their marriage. Mahira overhears both of them and gets angry; she goes to her room and says that she did all this but, in return, get this. She adds that she has not come here to see Karan and Preeta’s romance. She decides that she will bring trouble to Preeta’s life, separate Karan and Preeta, and then make Karan her husband.

Sherlyn comes to Mahira’s room and asks her to take medicine. Mahira insists that she will only take medicines from Karan’s hand. Sherlyn assures her that she will call Karan and Sherlyn leaves from there. Karan is wondering why he promised Preeta that he is her only. Karan is lost in his thoughts, then Preeta interrupts him and asks why he made such a promise to her, does he feel anything for her. Karan is about to express his feelings that Sherlyn interrupts him and tells him that Mahira wants him to give her medicine. Karan accompanies Sherlyn to Mahira’s room and asks her to eat medicine. Mahira pretends that she is feeling very low. Karan cheers her up and tells her not to be afraid as they all with her. Mahira hugs her, and Preeta sees all this and is sad.

Sherlyn gets a call from Prithvi; she goes out of the room and sees Preeta watching Karan and Mahira from the window. Sherlyn laughs at Preeta’s helplessness and leaves. Karan gives Mahira the medicine and starts going from there, but Mahira stops him and asks him to sit with her. Preeta is unable to bear this and lies in front of Karan that his couch is calling him and sends him out of the room. Here, Prithvi tells Sherlyn Mahira’s plan, and Sherlyn is shocked to hear it and says that she had not even imagined that Mahira would play such a big game. She then disconnects the phone, saying that she has a lot of work to do.

Karan tells Mahira that he will be back in a while. Preeta tells Karan not to worry about Mahira as she will take care of her. Mahira asks Preeta to leave the room. Preeta says she will leave, but she wants to ask her what she wants. Mahira says she wants to throw her out of this room. Preeta laughs at her and says that when she thought of dying, she would ask she will help her for sure. Mahira stands still to hear this and is unable to understand that what preeta wants to tell her.

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