Qurbaan Hua 7 November 2020 Written Update : Chahat is in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Naveli was angry with Chahat. Godambhari tells her that she will not let Chahat come close to Kripa. Chahat was studying, and suddenly she felt hungry, and at the same time, Neel came with a dish, which was delicious. Neel was trying to tease her with the smell of the dish.

Godhmbari says to herself that today’s night will be the last night for Chahat. There Gazala was planning to kill Chahat. Gazala left Dr. Baigh and told him that she would regularly come to meet him. Naveli was asking Godambhari that how she will manage to send Chahat to that factory.

Chahat says that she will not eat anything because Vyas Ji is not eating anything to support her, so she will not eat anything. Neel started acting and making fun of her such obedience. Bhupnder came and praised Chahat for keeping fast for his fake husband. Bhupnder bought some decorations stuffs for Chahat.

Chahat was sitting and studying, and suddenly she heard a notification sound and. Noticed Neel had forgotten his phone over there. Chahat picks her phone and reads the message, In Which it was written that if you want to Meet Dr. Baigh, come to the factory as soon as possible. Chahat went to Vyas Ji and requested him to keep an eye on Kripa until she returns from the market.

Neel came to the room to find his phone; he noticed Chahat was missing from the room. Bhupnder saw Chahat rushed outside the house Neel followed her. Godhmbari was having a sharp knife in her hand and decided to kill Chahat and throw her into the melting machine. Naveli noticed Parmukh was passing by the road and followed him.

Gazala was having a gun was moving in a car, and notice Chahat sitting in a car and followed her. Chahat went to the factory and was Searching for Chahat. Gazala tells his driver that it’s the right time to kill Chahat. Neel also came there and was Searching for Chahat. Neel was silently following Chahat and doubted her whether she has come to meet Dr. Bagh.

Gazala, with a gun in her hand, was finding Chahat all around. Neel was peeping suddenly he notices the melted steel box was on the top of Chahat. Neel rushed towards Chahat by taking her name and pushed her from there she got hurt on her head. Melted steel fell on Neel, and he collapsed on the ground. Chahat was feeling massive pain in her head and recalling her past moments with Neel and collapsed on the floor.

Episode end

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